4 Day was a special event on Fluidanims where the animator Terkoiz submits 4 animations.

"4" Theatrical Poster

Animations Edit


TRUCIDO is an insane animation where a green stick gets note that says "KILL EVERYTHING" and then infiltrates a building to kill his enemies with 2 pistols and a knife.

Tentacle Monster Tribute Edit

Tentacle Monster Tribute is an animation where a stick figure kills a horde of tentacle monsters including the big one.


SHOCK3 is the final installment to the so called "SHOCK" series.

BYE Edit

BYE is an animation where a single stick figure constantly dies in 60 different ways in 5 minutes (excluding the credits.)

4 Day 2011

Theatrical Poster for 4 Day 2011

4 Day 2012

4 Day 2012