Andre Caritate is an RHG Gladiator created by Stone.



When Andre was young, he found the heavenly forge hammer in a cave. He came across this hammer, forged together with heavenly iron and copper. It is also infused with an electric force and freezing force and a darkness that binds it to his soul. This hammer is his greatest attribute and his prison. Andre is bound to his hammer 'till death do them part.


Status: Unavailable


  • Andre has brute strength and immense power
  • Wields a giant hammer
  • His hammer has electricity surging through it
  • Can separate his soul from his body and become Hollow Andre
  • Very acrobatic
  • Andre has the ability to summon stalagmites by slaming his hammer into the ground.
  • Andre can withstand and repel electricity due to his electric hammer bound to him
  • He is very durable.
  • Andre is weak to water.
  • Nobody else can wield his hammer but him.


  • Andre is claustrophobic
  • Andre is greatly weakened by water
  • Despite being very durable, he cannot withstain intense blunt force trauma
  • Andre is bound to his hammer
  • Is weak to the mana abilities of the balance keepers (they hunt him due to his power levels)

The proof he is combo master watch this copy and paste it


Andre vs Electro_5S - WIN

Andre vs Jomm - WIN

Andre vs Andre The Giant (His dad) - WIN

Andre vs Nhazul - WIN

Andre vs Dark Andre - WIN

Andre vs Active Frame - WIN

Andre (pivot) vs FLLFFL (pivot) - WIN

Andre vs Ritchie - WIN

Andre vs Aori - WIN FOR COOKIE