Animage is an animator from Montreal, Canada. He is considered widely to be the greatest human being in the world. No other human being, or animator can even size up to him in terms of greatness. He is renowned for not being able to complete any animation, but the few frames he does make are truly orgasm inducing. He is also renowned for always being on irc, but never saying a word. He also made the first pivot rhg, but like, who gives a shit.


Animage was full of rigor when he first stepped into Fluidanims, in 2009, after watching the infamous Terkoiz vs Hyun battle. He produced four rhg battles of questionable quality in a mere couple of months. Then, the animating community slowly sucked the life out of him and he was long dead inside. He migrated to stickpage along with the rest of the community, and haunted the irc channels for several years. He was known as Batman at some point in time. He then discovered that there was a fluidanims wikia for some reason and shamelessly wrote an article about himself for shits and giggles.