Bash is an RHG gladiator created by Tundra (Syloprophet).


Bash was a normal man that work on Nuclear Weapon Factory. Someday, he fell into a puddle of unused nuclear liquid. The radiation turn him into a mutant, he gain abilities to eat everything. At the time when he came out, the workers try to stop him from eating all the machine and the workers. The workers tied his hand with an iron chain and put him on a cage. But someday, he breakout. Now, Bash's location is unknown.



  • Massive tongue
  • There was a black hole inside his belly, everything he swallow will banished
  • Ussualy charged at his opponent and ate them


  • Fire
  • Too much light
  • When fighting Yoyo, everytime yoyo smashed his yoyo into Bash's head Bash suddenly stopped attacking. That means charged energy make him confused
  • When fighting Mr. Pix, everytime Mr. Pix punch or attacked his head. Bash stopped and waving his head. That means his head is his weak spot