Chuck vs Alfa-0

Chuck vs Alfa-0


Chuck vs Alfa is not an RHG battle, because Terkoiz never created an RHG against this, against popular belief


The battle begins with chuck and FLLFFL preparing for his battle, then sees a group of thieves robbing a bank later the two fighters go to the bank and try to stop the thief and start to fight in the bank;

chuck use his nunchucks of fire to try of stop the FLLFFL sword attacks, the thieves try to escape with the money and the two do a temporary truce to try to catch the thieve

now chuck mounted onto FLLFFL sword and use the boost to do a fire dragon impacting the thief, sending him into a wall with FLLFFL's sword stabbed in the middle of his head.

then can be seen the thieve dead and FLLFFL draws his sword of the body, the two fighters go to eat and when all see to end chuck punch FLLFFL and wins the battle


the music is called "something get me started"

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Chuck beating Alfa

Chuck vs Alfa

Chuck vs Alfa

The intro for their battle