Drunken stick is an animation created by Hyun (Eric Kwon) and is considered (by him) to be his first big project in Flash Animation......

Plot Edit

It's a fine sunny day, the birds are chirping, the beers are chilled to perfection, and to the drunken boxer, it seems that there's nothing that can top off his day. Then, a bunch of robbers come out of the blue and demand that he gives them all his money and (maybe) they won't kill him. Since the boxer wasn't doing anything, the leader commanded his grunts to kill him. The boxer attempts to fight back, only to get overpowered by the grunts in no time. Feeling victorious, the leader of the robbers challenges the defeated boxer to make the next move. Then, in a surprising twist of events, the boxer says "Cheers!" and chugs all the beer down in one go, stumping the boxers and causing him to seemingly pass out. To see if the boxer was really knocked out, the leader sends a noob out to check. The noob reports that the boxer is unconscious and teabags him just to prove his point. Unfortunately, the boxer reawakens and rips out the noobs jewels. Getting back up, the boxer initiates round 2:drunken style and effortlessly takes out all the grunts before falling down himself, revealing in the sheer glory of his day. By the way, the noob got over his pain and began asking if anybody has seen his balls since he had a date that night and needed to use them.


Animator Hyun (Eric Kwon)
Music Drunken master 2 soundtrack & Forbidden Kingdom Soundtrack
Sounds, Pepper's Brawl and Pain Pack, Xiao Xiao pack
Thanks to
Animated Frames 2454
Animated Length 1 min 7 sec
work time About 2 weeks
Layers 33


  • We shall never know where the balls are
  • The birds weren't chirping