FLLFFL vs Gel is basically a follow up to the original animation FLLFFL vs Zee Beeman. Set several years later, the defeated opponent is back and hungry for revenge...


The battle begins with Gel lameting his loss to FLLFFL when he was still Zee Beeman. Recalling the humility and shame, he vowed to find his opponent and destroy him for what he did. Then, the scene shifts. On top of a skyline, Gel glares at FLLFFL and leaps down. FL, mildly surprised, merely says, "Hey, aren't you that guy..." to which Gel responds, "I want my dignity back." Taking that as a challenge, FL only laments how history is about to repeat itself, and a battle ensures. Gel leaps towards FL, only to get sliced from the waist down. FL Then Picks up Gel by the Head, hangs Him Off the Buliding, and Stabs him in The Head.