FLLFFL vs Pulse is the 12th RHG battle of Philips "Terkoiz" Lacanlale. The animation was released on as one of the 4-Day 2012 animations, and had a two part speed animation video on

The animation starts with pulse walking to FLLFFL, who is standing near the edge of a cliff. Pulse suddenly bursts into action and launches a white digital energy at FLLFFL, who simply blocks the attack with an annoyed expression; Pulse continues to attack while running towards the legendary gladiator, but he simply swats away all his attacks. As Pulse jumps in the air, FLLFFL does his own attack, causing Pulse to lose control and fall to the ground; Pulse suddenly grabs FLLFFL's leg and focuses his energy into it, causing FL to fall to the ground, but as he attempts to rise, Pulse fires multiple shots of energy at him, leaving only his sword visable.

Pulse connects his two white bracelets, forming a small white dagger, and proceeds to pick up FL's sword. But as he looks to his right, he sees FLLFFL coming out of the smoke, and Pulse charges at him, unknown to him FLLFFL is carrying a small stone. As Pulse attempts to slash at FL, he proves to him that he can still fight without a sword, and upon putting the stone in the Jet Sword's funnel, he launches it at Pulse, knocking him out for what seems to be a few seconds. When Pulse comes to, he sees FL's annoyed expression as he sees that he had dragged him to the edge of the cliff, and is now holding him by the throat. Pulse makes one last desperate attempt to kill the master swordsman: Self - Destruction. Pulse manages to sent FL with him down the cliff, and as FLLFFL realizes that even sending his sword through the younger gladiator's head will not help him escape, he goes up to a last resort of his own: Amputating his own arm.

Upon cutting of his forearm, FLLFFL manages to escape the range of the blast. And upon landing back onto the grassy ground, he quickly uses the flame of his Jet sword to stop the bleeding of what remains of his right arm, and continues to lay on the grass panting heavily.


  • The music used in the animation is "The Mark Has Been Made" by Nine Inch Nails.
  • This is the most damage FLLFFL has ever gained in his life, and it is currently unknown what will become of it.
  • Many people mistake FLLFFL's action of amputating his arm as a forced stab through Pulse's head.
  • The area where they fight has a slight resemblance to Matengai Cliff of Kuniga Coast in Nishinosima, Japan.
  • Some predicted that FLLFFL will replace his amputated arm with a mechanical arm.
  • This is one of the few animations in which FLLFFL lets his opponent die, or kills it. FLLFFL's victims include D, Drifts, Gel and Pulse