FLLFFL vs Terantula is the battle between Terkoiz's FLLFFL and Terantula.

Plot Edit

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The growth of the legs

The Battle Starts With FLLFFL Walking Towards Terantula saying Alright, lets get this over with..Terantula Stays Silent, but 4 Black Spots Grow on his Back which Form Into 4 Spider Legs.FLLFFL Takes a Step Back and Says Shit Son..Terantula's Legs Are Waving About Now, but suddenley seems He's Going to Throw Himself on the Floor. The battle then stars, with Terantula saying" Welcome to hell, my friend"Then Terantula attacks FLLFFL heavily, then FLLFFL strikes back, burning Terantula's face, thus making FLLFFL winning the battle.

The song that is played during the battle is Kevin Rudolph - In The City...