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RHG Gladiators

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RHG Tournaments is an feature where stick figure animators create their own gladiator with special abilities and powers and challenge other animators' gladiators in animation duels. The RHG Tournament system was created in late 2005. It was designed to give a strong community project event for animators to use. Since then, animators such as Terkoiz and Armorstick have been participating in the system. When Terkoiz joined the RHG and created his gladiator, "FLLFFL", he went on as an undefeated gladiator, and conquered all of his opponents. At last, Stone said that the RHG was also about "Having fun while improving yourself as well as others as an animator in a collaborative event.".

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90644RHG-fLPic 150x150 FLLFFL


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