Oxob vs Morion

Oxob vs Morion

Oxob's version of the fight between Oxob and Morion,

Morion is a minor appearance RHG character created by Godmouth.


Not much is known about Morion, except that he is a lethal competitor, he can summon a glaive from a portal if he needs it. He will never die, he is always alive everyday. He is also able to put back body parts like in Godmouth's version of Oxob vs Morion. His only weakness appears to be decapitation, like in Oxob's animation at the top when Oxob tied a rope to Morion's neck, shoved a heavy object off of a building with that same rope attached to Morion's neck and ripped his head off, making Oxob win. Morion, however is capable of teleportation, too, using shadows to transport him mystically wherever he wants.

Appearance Edit

Morion is a dark grey stick figure with a brutal looking gap in his head where he supposedly died. He has 2 blood red dots for eyes.
Fluidanims - RHG - Morion vs Oxob (Official Fluidanims RHG) - -ElectricSticktv-

Godmouth's version of the fight between Oxob and Morion.


  • Morion is rumoured to be the son of Hades, a Greek god
  • Morion is only seen in four RHG fights, Morion vs Oxob ,Oxob vs Morion, Buster vs Morion and Redfire vs Morion.
  • Morion's name comes from the "Morion Helmet"
  • Morion is not human, but he could be a demigod.
  • The reason why that mark in his head is unknown, it might be because he got sliced in the head once and died, which is another reason why he is unable to be killed.