Noob Bunker is an animation created by Hyun.

Plot Edit

While a soldier was looking out side his base, he spotted a horde of noobs, badly-drawn stick figures. He orders his troops to take them before they reach to their base. Meanwhile, a sniper was aiming for the horde, pulled the trigger, and shot an orange noob. Back at the base, a soldier took out a rocket launcher, aimed for the horde of noobs, and launched the rocket. The rocket hit the entire horde of noobs, causing them to all die. After that, the animations abruptly ends.

Trivia Edit

  • When the soldiers began shooting, there was only soldier who did not shoot, and he was hiding behind a box. He used a rocket launcher later, however.
  • The sniper rifle that was used by the sniper is a Barrett, however, it was called the NOOB SLAYER 5000.
  • The rocket launcher was called the NOOB TURE 9000.
  • In Doors 3, Hyun made a part based off of Noob Bunker with a Minecraft Creeper and his profile picture hidden

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