Shibuya, in RHG, can use blue energy to create temporary guns, shields, swords, and othere things as seen in Druncho vs Shibuya. He can also project the pure energy alone as a projectile. Shibuya also joined Zeta at some point, but is not a main member. 

However, in the RHC (Rock Hard Collesium) Shibuya's power was different. His bio said that  Shibuya possesses an inner energy with which he can channel into every blow to devastate his opponent.. This is not even CLOSE to his RHG power, but nonetheless is Shibuya.

The picture shows yet another form of Shibuya. Shibuya had his own line or something and didn't have powers but had a powerful gun n' pack.

Fights (As RHG)

Druncho vs Shibuya - LOSE