Trucido is an animation made by Terkoiz for the annual 4-day festivities. In other words, it's about a minute (give or take) filled with blood, violence, more blood, and more violende, Terkoiz style.


The animation opens up with a single turqoise colored stick standing on a rooftop, armed with dual pistols and a knife. Glancing over, he sees a time bomb with a note telling him to kill everything taped on it. Analylzing the note, the anomynous stick confirms it to be accurate and jumps into the building below just as the bomb detonates. Of course, a bunch or grunts rush at him, only for the stick to whip out his pistols (and later, his knife) and kill everybody in the room. Well, that's pretty much the whole animation: a stick killing other sticks.


  • The Truicio stick has no official name other than "Trucido Guy"
  • He doesn't reload his pistols often
  • The knife is only used in the second half of the fight