Tentacle Monster Tribute is an animation by Terkoiz. This episode was the second animation that was created for "4 " day, a special event on Fluidanims. It has also been identified that is is truely a tribute sequel to the otiginal animation: Tentacle Monster.

Plot Edit

The animation begins with a stick figure running away from a large group of monster with tentacles (Continuing from the original animation). The stick figure sees a cliff ahead of him, so he grabs onto the edge as the monsters fall off the cliff. As the stick figure gets back up, he sees yet another large group of tentacle monsters. He has to no choice to but to kill them all. Later, he finds the knife he dropped in the first animation, and started slashing the monsters one by one, when suddenly, the large monster he had thought he killed in the first animation had healed itself, balanced itself on its tentacles, and attempts to kill the stick figure for killing those tentacle monsters that were it's children. The stick figure had went up to kill the tentacle monster, however, he was grabbed by one of its tentacles. So he had cut off the part that was holding him, and then shows the stick figure falling onto the tentacle monster in slow-motion. At the end of the animation, it shows the stick figure walking away from the motionless tentacle monster. It has been defeated and killed by the stick figure.


After the credits, the stick figure is seen back on his computer, his face unwashed from the battle.

While the arist who wrote the song(s) in the animation was identified as X-Ray Dog, the exact song(s) was/were never found by the fans.