Terkoiz, (, or his actual name, Philip Lacanlale) is one of the best known animators on Fluidanims. He is also one of the top members in Fluidanims, and the creator of 4-day. Terkoiz has also created many classics, such as "unbalanced" and the "SHOCK" series. He is also one of the only animators that can spend a complete 24 hours animating, as seen in the "Rushed" series. Terkoiz also quite possibly has the most flash submissions, and it has been seen that might be starting to move away from stick figure animations to real three-dimentional animations, as shown in "Simply Business". Terkoiz has also been seen to be involved in many collaborations, such as the come back collab and kickman collab. He has also been shown to make many random animations, such as "End" and "Failed Containment". And finally, it is shown to be possible that his favorite color is white, due to his entry in"Rushed 3" and his main character in "Unbalanced"

"Terkoiz" Lacanlale is without a doubt a very gifted animator, so until next time, keep on animating! :D