The French (Avanz)

The French is a black and white style RHG fighter created by Avanz. He has two giant, floating hands, a white square-like head, a business suit, black sunglasses, no feet, and a micro uzi.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

The French possesses high speed and a coat of white armour, which aids him greatly in fighting swift, strong opponents like FLLFFL or possibly Yoyo. It's unknown what lies beneath his shield. He also has the ability to summon his micro Uzi out of thin air to use in ranged combat in case those giant hands of his lack the power to properly pummel an opponent. As shown in FLLFFL vs the french, he could summon an energy beam out of his hands to disintegrate any opponent to oblivion.


For some unknown reason, if you touch his tie,The French will go berserk and lose control of his movements, rendering him vulnerable to ranged attacks. It could be that his tie lies right above a crucial pressure point or nerve area. It also could BE a pressure point. Then again, it could just be an area that holds his white armor together.


He is a French assassin. According to "The french history" series, he is a wanted criminal to the security department. He was captured and placed into prison with another criminal who disarmed and murdered a bunch of officers guarding an unknown place.


Battle Name Animator* Date Uploaded
The French vs Styr Avanz 06/07/2009
Styr vs The French Supranova 21/07/2009

The French vs Bident

Avanz 10/09/2009
  • The animator who created the RHG whose name comes first won the battle.