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The beginning cameo of the battle

The French vs FLLFFL is a suspenseful animation created by Avanz. It is one of the few battles which FLLFFL ever lost.


In the middle of some street in France, two fighters stood opposite from one another. One carried a mysterious sword , and the other concealed an Uzi. Both fighters readied their weapons, and the fight began. The first half of fight is fierce, with the swordsman having the upper hand, even managing to dent his opponent's armour a little. However, the assassin proved to be a worthy match, recovering with lightning speed and drawing his Uzi to add a little colour to the fight. Predictably, the second half was equally violent. However, the swordsman quickly lost control of the fight and was flung into the air by his opponent. Meanwhile, the assassin, having launched his opponent and separated him from his sword, proceeds to launch a final attack. Raising both arms, he fires a bolt of energy which would have devoured his opponent had he not grabbed his sword and fended off the blaze. Unfortunately, he began to tire and lost his sword, and could only scream as the flames disintegrated his body. Soon, there was nothing left but ashes and the tarnished blade.