The Haunted Soup Spoon is an animation created by Endo.

Description Edit

A young man gets recruited into the FA Mansion for a weekend cooking job. Little does he know that there are some things that don't want him there.

Plot Edit

The story begins when a young man goes to a Fluidanims Mansion to work as a cook. When he gets there, he walks up to the door and an old man came out. The young man was introducing himself, but then the old man interrupted hum and told him that the kitchen was upstairs. While the young man was on his way to his kitchen, he was wondering how the old man got to the door quickly. When the young man finally got to the kitchen, and goes in and starts finding materials, and then cooks. 30 minutes later, while the young man was finding something, the spoon that was in one of the pots, floated by itself, and started controlling other cooking materials and knives to kill the young man. As the man tried to get out of the kitchen, he gets severely injured by a knife stabbing him and a pot beating him brutally. The haunted spoon then tries to strike him, but he dodges, and the spoon destroyed the door. The young man then gets up to escape the mansion, but the spoon stil sends out hundreds of knives to kill him. When the young man got to his car, he got out his key, and unlocked the door. However, he couldn't open for an unknown reason, which causes the knives to stab him in the end for being to late. Then the young man wakes up to find out that he was only having a bad dream. He gets up, and attempts to go downstairs, but then realizes that the door he was in front of was marked "Kitchen". He opens the door, enters the room, and turns the lights on, only to find out that his nightmare has come true in reality.

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