Topstick fan made poster by balistiik-d4fkuwn
Top Stick is an animation created by Terkoiz for the 2011 annual 4 day animation collection.


The movie begins with the title character from the popular stick game series, Johnny Rocketfingers smoking a cigarette. He meets a stick figure with spiky, choppy hair and orange pants. He says, "Hey ****!" The figure points at himself to ask "Me?" Johnny replies "Yeah you," and promptly spits his cig' at the stickman. Stumbling backwards, the stickman summons his pencil, revealing himself to be none other than Fancy Pants Man (Fancy Pants Adventures). With his mighty pencil, Fancy Pants Man quickly overpowers Johnny and points the pencil to his throat, ready to kill. However, suddenly, Fancy Pants Man feels that he's being watched and...BOOM! He's blasted by a sniper rifle wielded by Vinnie (Sift Heads). Upon realizing that his rifle is useless against Fancy Pants Man, Vinnie whips out his pistol and shoots Fancy Pants Man, only to miss and wind up in the same position as Johnny Rocketfingers had. Again, as Fancy Pants Man readies for the kill, something knocks him backwards. The mysterious newcomer turns around, scarf fluttering in the breeze identifying him as Nhazul (RHG and License to Combo). Using his Combo Master skill, Nhazul easily overpowers Fancy Pants Man and breaks his pencil. Vinnie, having recovered his wits, whips out his pistol again and shoots, managing to kill both Nhazul and Fancy Pants Man. JohnnyRocketfingers, also recovered, wearily looks around and decides he needs some smokes. However, just as he reaches for his old cigarrete, a digatalized foot crushes it with a single step. Right after Vinnie kills both Nhazul and Fancy Pants Man, a sudden explosion starts up, only to be made by the digitalized stick figure who stepped on Johnny's cigarette, EZ Toon from the Door Animation.