Trinit is an RHG gladiator created by Armorstick.


When Trinit was a young child, his parents had abandon him, due to lack of money. So Trinit went to a fighting ninja master. He had trained very hard. Then one day, Trinit went to the mountains for a walk, and he found an electrical axe. When he took the axe and he then gained energy powers. Since then, Trinit had the axe with him a very long time. The more Trinit held onto his axe, the more energy powers it gave him. Trinit then joins the RHG Tournament to earn money and help his family.


Status: Available


  • Energy mode: A blue energy axe can charge energy in his hands and feet.
  • Trinit can charge energy in himself to become stronger and a bit faster.
  • Fire mode: A red fire axe can charge fire in his hands and feet.
  • He can make a red rope and catch his opponent.
  • White electric mode: A white electric axe Can charge white electric in his hands and feet. In this mode he is fast and strong.


  • Trinit is vulnerable against explosions.
  • He is weak against strong attacks
  • Fire Mode: He doesn't look on his defense.
  • White Mode: He cannot do it all the time
  • His opposition is low.


  • Trinit's third ability is a parody of one of Scorpion's rope attack.
  • Trinit's strongest ability is when he is in White mode.